BioVoice News June 2016 Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 23

“ What do ministers say? “ Development of the inexpensive rotavirus vaccine, available for less than a dollar in India when internationally it costs 50 dollars, is an example of what can be achieved by the Indian biotech industry. The growth prospects of the industry are bright provided it receives the right stimulus and an enabling environment. DR HARSH VARDHAN, Science and Technology Minister Government has worked on eliminating third parties and several bottlenecks that prevented farmers from getting a good price in market. Major pro-farmer initiatives of government include putting systems in place for distribution of water and irrigation facilities. RADHA MOHAN SINGH, Agriculture Minister “ We have worked on all fronts. Immunisation has been made really effective. In a year’s time it has increased by 5-7 per cent and if this phase keeps going, by 2019 we will be able to cover 90 per cent. Four new vaccines have been added, IPV, switchover from trivalent to bivalent, measles rubella, Japanese Encephalitis. J P NADDA, Health Minister BIOVOICENEWS.COM 23