BioVoice News June 2016 Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 18

cover story are covered. These include the polynucleotides or gene sequences, polypeptides or protein sequences, vectors, gene libraries, host cells, micro-organisms and stem cells plants and animals tissue culture, pharmaceutical or vaccine compositions comprising microorganisms, proteins, polynucleotides and antibodies or antigen binding fragments thereof monoclonal or polyclonal. Biotechnology Patent Facilitation Cell (BPFC) In order to help the patent seekers, a Biotechnology Patent Facilitation Cell (BPFC) has been catering to the need of promotion of biotech research by creating awareness and understanding among biologists and biotechnologists, relating to patents and the challenges and opportunities in this area. Apart from that, it is also providing patenting facilities to biologists and biotechnologists in the country for filing Indian and foreign patents on a sustained basis. It has also been entrusted to keep a watch on development in the area of IPR and make important issues known to policy makers, bio-scientists, biotech industry, etc. Guidelines on Transfer and Intellectual Property Rights The Ministry of Science and Technology has issued the guidelines "Instructions for Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Rights", which would help in enhancing the motivation of scientists, research institutions and universities in projects funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research etc. The salient features include ownership of intellectual property, transfer of technology, royalty to inventors, norms for private industry, patent facilitating fund and 18 BioVoiceNews | June 2016 INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES • The Department of Biotechnology has establis