BioVoice News December 2016-January 2017 Issue 8 Volume 1 - Page 6

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Dear Editor , “ It is nice to see you focus on the shrinking agriculture space in India . The farmers have been quietly suffering due to rapidly changing scenarios in rural India . The gap between rich farmers and small land holding ones has been widening with time . Yet the series of new schemes by the government are welcome .”
Vaishali Kamble , Nagpur
“ Interview of the Eli Lilly ’ s Managing Director made an interesting read . The company ’ s plans to increase its diabetes product base are good news for patients . Given its role in spreading awareness and social responsibility , we expect quality and affordability from the company . ”
Ajay K Mishra , Noida
“ The bioscience industry ’ s aim to achieve $ 100 billion expansion in first place is a mammoth task . But when I see the host of activities happening in the country , I get sure we will be able to achieve much better than what we could without setting targets .”
Mohit Saini , New Delhi
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“ The launch of ‘ Biotech Student Survey ’ by BioVoice is a commendable step . The direct feedback from student community can help us to know their inner feelings over burning issues concerning biotechnology education in India . Hope the findings from report will help policymakers to make appropriate changes in the curriculum .”
Kirti Rathore , Udaipur
“ I agree with the views expressed in your editorial . Demonetization is a bold decision to cleanse the system . We as citizens must support it despite adverse reactions and personal hardships . Also , no industry would like to promote the black money culture among officials until under tremendous compulsion .”
Ramesh Verma , New Delhi
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“ The format of BioVoice Magazine is quite appealing . I congratulate your team for bringing out best content to the readers . I am an avid follower and reader myself . Hope you are able to keep the pace going . Best wishes !”
Nikita Jain , Mumbai
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