BioVoice News December 2016-January 2017 Issue 8 Volume 1 - Page 50

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Conviction , determination , truthfulness and madness defines entrepreneurship . As per the vision of Prime Minister , this government is doing everything within its power to give Indian entrepreneurs a platform to take their ideas to the world and vie with the best .
Dr Harsh Vardhan , Union Minister for Science and Technology
The Centre is working on an elaborate plan to roll out a blueprint for health services with the participation of the private sector in next two months and is committed to provide it to the last man of the society .
J P Nadda , Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare

A huge potential is awaiting to be unleashed . What is required are conducive policies and a supporting ecosystem as we are not asking for subsidies but a revenue support model to help reduce our cost of manufacturing and make India competitive by performance , value delivery and then by price .
Rajiv Nath , Forum Coordinator , Association of Indian Medical Devices Industry

The private sector is barely present is health education . This is primarily because when it comes to private players entering , there has been no discussion about private-public partnerships in the area . Many find fault with the government for not introducing tax incentives this year , but honestly , we first need a dialogue beyond a few conferences and meetings .
Dr Dharminder Nagar , Managing Director , Paras Healthcare
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