BioVoice News December 2016-January 2017 Issue 8 Volume 1 - Page 41

Because of the complex structure of the capillaries that supply the retina with blood , each person ’ s retina is unique . A biometric identifier known as a retinal scan is used to map the unique patterns of a person ’ s retina .

to identify individuals and verify their identity . The analysis of fingerprints for matching purposes generally requires the comparison of several features of the print pattern . These include patterns , which are aggregate characteristics of ridges , and minutia points , which are unique but common and very basic features found within the patterns .

How has the company performed in FY 2015-16 ? What are the expectations in current fiscal year ?
We achieved a business of Rs 11 crores in the year 2015-16 and are forecasting 100 percent growth in the current fiscal year .
What are the latest trends and growth potential of Indian biometrics market ?
This technology has generated tremendous demand from the various segments . Government sectors in India provide public services and welfare schemes for the benefit of people in the society . Iris recognition is increasingly employed for large scale applications , especially in the government supported projects . Like Aadhaar initiative which was taken by the government , IRIS recognition can be used in the pension as well as in PDS . By doing so it can be rest assured that the right person is getting the welfare benefits with this beneficiary authentication method .
BFSI and Telecom : Opening a new bank account , getting a new credit card or issuance of new SIM can be possible within just a matter of few minutes as KYC details of every consumer can be accessed from Aadhaar database and verified using iris scanner . Even ATM transactions can be made more secured using Iris enabled

Because of the complex structure of the capillaries that supply the retina with blood , each person ’ s retina is unique . A biometric identifier known as a retinal scan is used to map the unique patterns of a person ’ s retina .
authentication . Along with debit card and PIN , having iris scanners at ATM machine will act as additional secured authentication using biometric properties .
Automobiles : Now unlock your car or bike with the blink of an eye . An iris scanner can be integrated in car or bike . Without your iris scan the vehicle will not be unlocked and thus will reduce thefts of automobiles significantly . Thus it can be combined with key to act as a double layered security mechanism .
Health Care & Medical : In Health Care sector , patient ’ s medical history and personal information is very critical and confidential which should be accessible only when the patient or doctor is available . The iris biometric technology will help patients not to carry any physical documents while visiting medical practitioner and allowing practitioner to retrieve medical history of the patients without any gaps and resulting into right diagnoses .
Airport / Border Security : At airports and borders , the security check can be time consuming . Also there are cases of identity theft and change of identity which can be of serious nature . This again can be eliminated as iris scanners can provide the highest levels of security compared to other forms of biometric methods .
Manufacturing Industries : Places where individuals are required to wear PPE – Personal Protective Equipment gear like masks and gloves is one of the key areas where this technology can be used . For identifying who they are individuals may be required to remove their masks and gloves in order to scan their face or fingerprints which can be time consuming in an emergency situation . Even if someone decides to don a PPE and disguise and choose someone else ' s identity to breach security and get access , it won ' t work as the iris scanner will only grant access to the actual person and not the counterfeit intruder .
Attendance & Access Control : This technology can also be used in offices to check movement of the employees across any working environment and ensure only authorized personals access the restricted area or as per their authorization . The system can also help to automate payroll system entirely . Using somebody else ’ s ID card can be quite a serious issue which can be eradicated with the help of iris scanners .
How do you look at the future of the company ?
We are persistently involved in focusing the growth plan considering the existing market of beneficiary authentication for the delivery of government welfare schemes using Aadhaar enabled services . We are getting associated with system integrator for enabling the most accurate iris biometric based identificati on solutions ( Made in India ) for eKYC / identity mapping in the Government market as well as BFSI , Telecom and Education sector .