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Biomatiques is the first and only Indian company in this field which has received the Standardisation , Testing and Quality Certification ( STQC ) from Department of Electronics & Information Technology ( DeitY ). The company has successfully managed to offer the Iris Recognition Technology at the cost of finger print technology . Currently there are only 12 other companies in the international market . In an interaction with BioVoice , Mr Tamaal Roy , Chief Executive Officer , Biomatiques Identification Solutions gave insights on the company ’ s offerings . Read the detailed interview :
What is the strategy and vision behind the foundation of Biomatiques Identification Solutions ?
When AADHAAR was introduced in India , it required two forms of biometrics , one was fingerprints and the other was iris . That ’ s where we saw a big opportunity . We chose iris technology because at that time there were only 12 companies in the international market . And there was no Indian name amongst these . We became the first Indian company to enter this field when we got the STQC certificate from DeitY , New Delhi .
We have an edge over other players as our technology is at par with the international quality and standards but in
terms of price , Biomatiques offers the iris technology at a cost effective rate compared to other companies who have placed their products at a higher price .
Our products are completely made in India while manufacturers from overseas only have their vendors in India who lack knowledge about the product in terms of integration or providing technical support for that matter . That ’ s where we our different from the rest . We have our own R & D and support team , hence reaching out for integration or technical support is much easier .
Why do you call the Iris-based biometric technology revolutionary ? How can it replace the fingerprint technology ?
We are proud to be the only company from India with the Standardization Testing and Quality Certification ( STQC ) by the Department of Electronics & Information Technology ( DeitY ) in the international market . Currently there are 12 other companies which are all foreign based and we are the only company that is providing iris scanning solutions at the price of finger print technology . The human retina is a thin tissue composed of neural cells that is located in the posterior portion of the eye . Because of the complex structure of the capillaries that supply the retina with blood , each person ’ s retina is unique . A biometric identifier known as a retinal scan is used to map the unique patterns of a person ’ s retina . Iris is a thin , circular structure in the eye , responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupils and thus the amount of light reaching the retina . “ Eye color ” is the color of the iris , which can be green , blue , or brown .
Unlike Fingerprint recognition or fingerprint authentication which is an automated method of verifying a match between two human fingerprints . Fingerprints are one of many forms of biometrics used
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