BioVoice News December 2016-January 2017 Issue 8 Volume 1 - Page 13

Chromosome 2A .

Rice variety Samba Mahsuri : With the support of DBT , the Scientists at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology ( CCMB ) and Directorate of Rice Research ( DRR ) have jointly developed bacterial blight resistant Rice variety “ Samba Mahsuri ’ through Marker Assisted Selection and Backcross Breeding . The variety has so far spread to an area of 90,000 ha in the states of Tamil Nadu , Karnataka , Telangana and Andhra Pradesh .
Multi-locational field trials of transgenic silkworm resistant to viral disease : The transgenic silkworm resistant BmNPV infection has been developed and multilocational field trials have been initiated after the approval of RCGM . The hybrids once introduced at commercial level will be a boon to the Seri culturists in uplifting their socioeconomic status .
New programme for brucella-free villages : Launch of “ Brucella Free Villages ” was announced for implementation on pilot scale in 50 villages covering 10 states . Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease and causes economic losses of about Rs . 28000 crore per year . Participants from 26 countries deliberated on brucellosis challenges in The International Conference was organized by DBT in collaboration with ICAR on Nov 17-19th . Three new Brucella diagnostic kits launched .
Commercialization of technology for clean energy from agricultural waste : The First indigenous technology has been developed for commercial production of Ethanol from lignocellulosic waste at DBT – ICT Centre , Mumbai , a demo / pilot plant with a capacity of 10 tonnes biomass per day to produce 3000 L ethanol / day on a continuous basis
A major project on “ Development of envelope domain III – based dengue virus-like particle ( VLP ) vaccine candidates “ has been implemented at International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology ( ICGEB ), New Delhi at a total cost of Rs 429.41 lakhs in March , 2016 . Under this promising candidates were developed that elicited protective immune response in mice .
The Dengue Subunit Vaccine Tetravalent ( DSV ) vaccine candidates have been transferred to Industry for further development . Also the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council ( BIRAC ), a not-for-profit Section 8 , Schedule B , Public Sector Enterprise of DBT supported project on ‘ Optimization and characterization of a Virosome Vaccine for Dengue ” with a total cost of Rs 89.19 lakhs for a period of two years , to induce a balanced immunity against all four dengue virus serotypes . The project will go to further studies subsequent to establishment of immunogenicity for the tetravalent vaccine in the present proposal .
has been set up at IGL , Kashipur . The Technology has now been transferred for commercialization to 2 OMC ’ s - Bharat Petroleum Cooperation Ltd and Hindustan Petroleum Cooperation Ltd . Each company will set up a 400 tonne plant to produce 100L tonnes of ethanol per day by 2018 . This is expected to yield 3 crores litres of ethanol per year to meet national demands .
Biotech Options for River Cleaning : Biotechnology based research including demonstration project ( s ) on river cleaning has been taken up by DBT . Some innovative major projects on improvement of conventional wastewater treatment systems and development of new and innovative bioremediation technologies at the source point of industrial pollution are expected to be initiated by the Department .
Sanitation : A “ Reinvent the Toilet Challenge -India” for developing proof of concept research in waste management was supported along with Gates Foundation and 100 biotoilets are being installed for technology demonstration in North East India .
Biotech for cleaning of Barapullah drain : The project was officially launched at the Barapullah drain site on 8th September 2016 by the Dutch Ambassador and the Secretary , DBT .