Biology and Pre-Professional Viewbook - Page 5

STUDENT SUCCESS Sean Carney, a graduate of GMercyU’s Class of 2011, jumped at every opportunity to do research. During his time here, Sean: • Received individualized attention from his professors, which pushed him to be the best student he could be and empowered him to chase his dreams • Participated in two Alternative Spring Break trips to Savannah, Ga. and Baltimore, Md. which helped foster empathy and broaden his perspectives of the world • Completed a summer research internship in John Pascal’s Lab at Thomas Jefferson University, which sparked his desire to pursue research as a career TODAY: After graduating from GMercyU, Sean earned his PhD in molecular biophysics and structural biology from the University of Pittsburgh. He now works as a Research Fellow in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School. CAREER OUTCOMES Learn more about starting your biology career by checking out our Griffin Guide.