Biology and Pre-Professional Viewbook - Page 3

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH AND LABS Research is a fundamental piece of science, and here at GMercyU, our students get experience in various ways. Almost every required course has a laboratory component because the best way to learn is with handson experience guided by industry experts. In GMercyU’s Developmental Biology class, students gained handson experience by experimenting with live sea urchins. Students studied the process of fertilization by collecting gametes from the sea urchins and mixing the sperm and egg together. Following the experiment, the sea urchins were then donated to a local pet store to find a permanent home. In addition to labs, students have the opportunity to present research, contribute to publications, and even receive financial stipend for summer research. Check out GMercyU students who got to work side-by-side with faculty to conduct research, including right in the University’s backyard! These experiences are what give GMercyU students an edge in their job search and graduate school applications. Don’t take our word for it, hear it from a Griffin! Hear from Amanda Pirrone '18 about how her research experiences at GMercyU helped her land a job she’s passionate about. TOP 4% TOP 9% TOP 12% TOP 16% in molecular biology, organismal biology - animals, analytical skills, and overall (ETS Major Field Test, 2020) For her final presentation, Amanda got creative and made a video project instead. Check out her viral sensation, “Branchy” a parody of Iggy Azalea’s hit song “Fancy.” Learn more about the Biology program!