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Fill your home with balance and hope


In the world of design , what ’ s old inevitably becomes new again , and a similar pattern is inspiring today ’ s on-trend color palettes for home decor . The latest styles reflect reviving and comforting colors influenced by heritage and romance , lending to a look that is familiar in an individualistic way .

With more people living their everyday , working lives at home , many homeowners are discovering the contentment that comes with slowing down . Often that means looking to the past to find comfort for moving forward .
Nostalgia serves as an emotional tool that delivers deep-rooted serenity and powerful healing properties . Looking to the past is often beneficial during times of uncertainty and can be an opportunity to bring styles and practices back to the present to create an appreciation of the past .
Whether living through the romance of rural lifestyles , the comfort of home or the nostalgia from far-off times , some of today ’ s most beloved design aesthetics celebrate the past , present and future while bringing balance , hope and comfort for you and your family to embrace .
Timeless Color
Using color to evoke feelings and emotions is hardly new but combining a carefully curated color palette with other design elements can allow you to create a look that pays homage to the past while breathing new life into your living space .
Reimagining classic , familiar tones allows you to achieve a design motif that is equal parts reminiscent and refreshing .
“ The Vintage Homestead Color Collection offers an effortless look that reveals the importance of being hopeful to find stability and balance ,” said Ashley Banbury , HGTV Home by Sherwin- Williams senior color designer . “ Our 2023 Color Collection of the Year revives elements from the past that are perfectly paired with vintage , comfortable and classic colors .”
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