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Consider Alternative Energy Sources
With today ’ s electric grid , more than two-thirds of the energy is wasted ; it never reaches homes . Unlike electricity , propane is stored in a large tank either above or below ground on the property . A 500-gallon tank can hold enough propane to meet the annual energy needs of an average single-family home – enough to power major systems in a home .
Propane pairs well with other energy sources , including grid electricity and on-site solar , which makes it a viable option for dual-energy homes . Like natural gas , propane can power major appliances such as your furnace , water heater , clothes dryer , fireplace , range and standby generator . Often , propane works more efficiently with fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity , meaning your home is cleaner for the environment .
Propane can even power a whole-home standby generator , which is often a big selling point . When a home owner purchases a standby generator , a licensed electrician installs the unit outside the home and wires it to the home ’ s circuit breaker . When a power outage occurs , the generator automatically senses the disruption of service and starts the generator ’ s engine , which then delivers power to the home . From the warm , comfortable heat of a propane furnace to the peace of mind offered by a propane standby generator , many homeowners trust propane to provide a safe , efficient , whole-home energy solution .
Build a Team of Experts
Hiring the right people can make the process of turning your dream into reality go much smoother . Start by researching reputable builders , paying special attention to the types of homes they build to find a style that matches what you ’ re looking for as well as price ranges for past homes they ’ ve built . Consider how long the builders have been in business and if they ’ re licensed and insured .
Depending on your builder ’ s capabilities , you may also need to hire an architect or designer . In addition to your real estate agent to assist with purchasing the lot and selling your previous home , you may need assistance from other professionals , such as a real estate attorney , landscape architect and propane supplier . A local propane supplier can work with the builder to install a properly sized propane storage tank either above or below ground and connect appliances .
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Propane-Powered Appliances

You may be surprised to learn propane can power major appliances , which can increase the value of a home because of their high performance , efficiency and reduced dependence on the electrical grid .
A propane-powered furnace has a 50 % longer lifespan than an electric heat pump , reducing its overall lifetime costs . Propane-powered residential furnaces also emit up to 50 % fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric furnaces and 12 % fewer greenhouse gas emissions than furnaces running on oil-based fuels .
Propane boilers have an expected lifespan of up to 30 years , but many can last longer if serviced and maintained properly . High-efficiency propane boilers offer performance , space savings and versatility as well as a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to those fueled by heating oil .
Standby Generator
Propane standby generators supply supplemental electricity in as little as 10 seconds after an outage . Plus , propane doesn ’ t degrade over time , unlike diesel or gasoline , making it an ideal standby power fuel .
Clothes Dryer
Propane-powered clothes dryers generate up to 42 % fewer green house gas emissions compared to electric dryers . They also dry clothes faster , which can reduce energy use and cost .
With up to 15 % fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to electric ranges , propane-powered ranges also allow for greater control of heat levels . Plus , their instant flame turnoff capabilities help them cool faster .
Tankless Water Heater
Propane tankless water heaters have the lowest annual cost of ownership in mixed and cold United States climates when compared with electric water heaters , heat pump water heaters and oil-fueled water heaters . They also only heat water when it is needed , reducing standby losses that come with storage tank water heaters .
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