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I was born and raised in Maine and have been taking photos for as long as I can remember . I always had a camera in my hand on family road trips . I continued my love of photography through my adult life . In 2014 , I moved to Florida . Shortly thereafter , I began working for legendary landscape photographer , Clyde Butcher . With new inspiration of location and people , I threw myself even more into photography .
In 2017 , I had the opportunity to spend the summer in the Fort Davis region as a volunteer at the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute . It was here I fell in love with the West Texas landscape . I have since returned multiple times continuing to photograph , explore , and try to capture this stunning region .
Sotol Morning & Big Bend
Morning – Big Bend NP Living as a full-time RVer and workcamping at new locations has given me the opportunity to see and fall in love with amazing places that I never would have imagined . My time spent volunteering at the Chihuahuan Desert Research Center in Fort Davis , Texas provided one such opportunity . West Texas has become one of my favorite places . I continue to return to this region to be inspired and capture its beauty . These two shots from Big Bend National Park were captured during a tour around the region in 2019 . I camped out in the Chisos Basin and awoke to a spectacular morning ; my camera captured a small glimpse of the beauty of Big Bend .
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