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steady stream of curious locals coming by to see if they could help . Despite their best efforts , I was destined to stay there at least another night .
I visited the French Grocer to buy some food and some beer , to say thanks to some of the people who had shown an interest in me and offered to help . I was informed that there would be a barbecue there in the evening with live music , a weekly affair held on Fridays , and that I would be very welcome . I am a musician , so this piqued my interest , and I undertook to go along and bring my bagpipes for good measure . I was also informed that having mechanical problems and being stuck in Marathon , Texas was the story of many who lived there . It seemed that I was doomed to
spend the rest of my life in the Chihuahuan Desert .
That evening , I experienced yet more signs that community spirit is alive and well in West Texas . After the barbeque was over , I was warmly welcomed to the bar next door for drinks and the musician at the barbeque , Neil Trammell , provided some more music . I was even offered the opportunity to sing , giving a Scotsman ’ s rendition of Wichita Lineman .
I ended up staying four nights in Marathon and it gave me a great insight into life in a small West Texan town . Before I embarked on this trip , I was convinced that the kindness of people would be a highlight . My journey through the Big Bend area of West Texas confirmed this theory . From my Warm Showers host in Marfa and his friends , to the host of curious , friendly and helpful people in
Marathon , including the Editor-in-Chief of this magazine , I was treated to the very best that the human spirit can offer .
As I bade farewell to Marathon , I felt rejuvenated by my positive experiences . Soon after , I encountered an injured javelina . Stopping to offer some water and move it to a place of safety , I felt I was repaying some of the kindness shown over the previous days . As I cycled off , I looked over my shoulder to see him salute with his injured little hoof , and I swear I heard him whisper over the wind , “ Vaya con Dios , amigo .”
I hope you will excuse me for sending you these reflections . I wanted to share my positive experiences of the Big Bend region and express my gratitude to the wonderful people who live there .
Although the above is a true account , the last paragraph leans on some poetic licence . It was actually a racoon . �
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