Biennial Report 2018-2019 - Page 8

Growing Forward with Nature (Continued from page 7) radish, crimson clover, and cereal rye aids in controlling weeds, decreasing soil erosion, fixing nitrogen into the soil, breaking up soil compaction, increasing plant diversity, and creating a nutrientdense green manure. We are further advancing our vegetable production through construction of a new Agriculture Education Building that will serve as the hub of our growing operations and farmer education with the goal of extending the growing season in 2020. Funding for the Coverdale Farm Preserve Master Plan Implementation Projects has been made possible by the generosity of foundations, corporations, and individual donors including: Crystal Trust, Longwood Foundation, Welfare Foundation, Marmot Foundation, Patagonia,Corteva, NextEra, Harvest Market,Calvert Retail, Brinsfield Family Foundation, Allen Marsha Barnett, Francis Bayard, Hank & Mary Davis, Margaretta Frederick & Michael Martin, Barbara Greenewalt, Dr. H. Theodore Harcke, Bill & Melinda Hardie, and June Robbins. Land & Biodiversity Management in Coverdale Farm Preserve • Two pair of American Kestrels are nesting in boxes this spring and each pair has produced five eggs. Two of these adults were banded last year at nearby Mt Cuba Center. The eggs and nestlings will be monitored by staff and volunteers until fledging. • Controlled burns were performed. Our fall burn was used as a field study for fire school students. • A 7-acre native meadow was installed in 2019, providing improved habitat for meadow nesting birds. • 100 cedar trees were planted within our Red Cedar Grove which is a great habitat for owls. Two Long-eared Owls were found in the grove this past winter. “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright • A grove of invasive alien Ailanthus trees was removed to reduce the food source of invasive Spotted Lanternflies. • A large American Chestnut tree was discovered in fall, 2019. The tree’s DNA will be analyzed to determine if the tree is 100% American Chestnut or if it is an American and Chinese Chestnut hybrid. • Sandhill Crane and Summer Tanager migrated through this year increasing the total bird species list for Coverdale Farm Preserve to 190. 8 Burrows Run Preserve of Coverdale Farm Preserve - Photography by Christi Leeson