Biennial Report 2018-2019 - Page 7

Flowering Meadow in Coverdale Farm Preserve’s Burrow’s Run Photography by Christi Leeson ~4,300 pounds of Thanksgiving turkey produced by conventional and heritage pasture-raised turkeys The Market Gardener’s Masterclass. Extensive farm plans were made and input into a new agricultural software project management system called TEND. Integrating new organic growing methods, hiring a new lead Vegetable Farmer, and training all farm staff in these methods made 2019 an important transition year. It also marked an important milestone; adherence to our new business and operations strategies, planting plans, and economic drivers that could be tracked and evaluated through TEND software. These updates ensured that the 2020 growing season would have a strong foundation for success. In July of 2019, Coverdale Farm Preserve also began to advance the pasture grazing program with the installation of perimeter fencing along the pasture fields identified in the Coverdale Master Plan. Approximately 9,475 feet of perimeter fence was installed. Approximately 60 acres of grazing pasture were enrolled in the New Castle County Conservation District’s Winter Cover Crop Program. This seeding of forage (Continued on page 8) 35,000 pounds of produce at Coverdale Farm Preserve’s CSA 7