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� Date Night at Home � Let’s face it; it’s hard to keep the romance alive when you’ve lived in the same sweat pants for days, so maybe its time to ditch that part of the wardrobe and get dressed up! Bidfood Home is here to help. We’ve got some ideas and recipes to inject a little fun into the boredom. Don’t forget to share any left overs with the rest of the family. COOKING A 3 COURSE MEAL TOGETHER Date night at home means you don’t have to book a table or wait to be seated and you won’t get interrupted by the waiting staff! Your meals can be whatever you want and there is something bonding about preparing the vegetables, playing with ingredients and taking a sneaky taste along the way. So… turn off the TV and get out the candles. Check out this entrée and main topped off by a yummy dessert! PREPARING THE PICNIC BASKET It’s time to get out the picnic basket. Whether you are sharing a variety of small snacks or preparing a main dish to be divided up. Small quantities and variety is the key to your picnic success. Mix up some dips, make up a seasonal salad and cut up your favourite slice. To set the scene – don’t forget the picnic blanket or favourite rug. SHARING LEFT OVERS Wow – lots of yummy left overs gives the whole family a chance to sample some of the delicious dishes you prepared for your Date night! In this Date Night at Home you will find some recipes to tempt your taste buds – tag BidfoodNZ on Instagram to show others what you created on Date Night! Click here to place an order for home delivery