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RECIPE / BANGERZ & MASH A timeless classic and firm family favourite BANGERZ & MASH Serving Suggestion Everyone has their favourite sausages, below is my top 3. Sausages Cumberland, Merguez or Chorizo sausages Kitchen IQ Sous-Vide mash potato 1kg 750g precooked and mashed for you Butter 250g Cream 500ml Salt and pepper To taste Peas 300g Mint 2 sprigs MASH POTATO Put how much potato you want in the microwave and heat. In a pot bring your cream up to a simmer, add your hot potato and mix well. While still mixing add on knobs of butter, stir until gone before add- ing another knob. Once all butter’s melted, taste for salt and adjust accordingly. PEAS Boil in salted water with 1 sprig of mint, drain and add 20g butter and extra chopped mint. SAUSAGES Fry off in a hot pan with some butter (30g), season with salt and pep- per, turn heat down slightly and cook through until golden. Serve with your favourite sauces; tomato, mustard, mint, chilli, HP or relishes and chutneys. Recipe by Justin Rimmer COMFORT FOOD 7