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RECIPE / ‘BOIL UP’ What is more ‘Kiwi’ than a boil up? ‘BOIL UP’ Pickled pork and watercress Serving Suggestion Great as a lunch or dinner, or use leftovers as a soup. This recipe uses picked pork instead of pork bones for more yield, however any meat works and bones do give it a slightly stronger flavour. Have bread and butter to accompany the meal. Pickled pork 1 1/2 – 2kg whole Onion finely diced Watercress or puha if you can get it. Otherwise white cabbage. Kumara peeled and largely diced Carrots peeled and largely diced Bouquet garni (BG) optional (Bay leaf, parsley, thyme. Just because I’m a Chef) Salt 1 1 2 big bunches 1kg 400g 1 METHOD Wash meat and place in a large pot or slow cooker, cover with cold water, add BG and bring to a simmer. While waiting for the pot to boil, prepare vegetables, once boiling turn down to a simmer. Put onion, kumara, carrot and 1 bunch of watercress into the pot and simmer for minimum 1.5 hours. Taste for salt. TO SERVE In your serving bowls add the leaves of the second bunch, pile it high. Remove meat and slice, arrange in bowls, ladle on hot broth and vegetables. To taste Ka Pai Recipe by Justin Rimmer 10 COMFORT FOOD Chef’s Corner “In Japan, I turned this concept into a consommé which we served at the tables for a New Zealand Ambassadors Degustation Dinner. It was a crowd favourite.” Chef Justin