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Alternative Cake Ideas Try these ideas for a simple alternative to traditional cake CHEESE WHEEL CAKE A cake alternative that is perfect for those that don’t have a sweet tooth … the cheese wheel cake is elegant and so simple to make. Just stack your favourite wheels of cheese atop each other on a cake stand or plate and serve! KAPITI CHEESE Port Wine Cheddar Cheese Red Wax Pak 20968 | 170gm | each Aged Cheddar Cheese Black Wax Pak 20967 | 170gm | each Ramara Cheese 23467 | 200gm | pkt Aorangi Brie Cheese Wheel 33053 | 1kg | each Kikorangi Blue Cheese 20922 | 1kg | each Smoked Cheddar Cheese Yellow Wax Pak 23507 | 170gm | each Anchor Cream Cheese 76438 | 2kg | tub Country Goodness Plain Cottage Cheese 64222 | 500gm | tub Mainland Special Reserve Creamy Feta Cheese 39409 | 2kg | tub Mainland Salted Butter 18453 | 500gm | pkt Mainland Unsalted Butter 18533 | 500gm | pkt PINEAPPLE CAKE All you need to craft one of these bad boys is basic knife skills – slice into long wedges for something different or traditional ring slices. Then add a dollop of cream or yoghurt with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup, and you’re good to go. Fresh Whole Pineapple 92107 | each