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RECIPE / KITCHEN IQ MASH An elevated version of a family favourite KITCHEN IQ sous-vide mash potato Serving Suggestion This mash doesn’t need anything because it already has salt and some butter. “BUT being a chef, I like to take it up a notch by adding cream and more butter.” EASIEST WAY FOR HOME Put how much potato you want in the microwave and heat. PRODUCT QTY Once all butter gone, taste for salt and adjust accordingly. Sous-Vide Mash Potato Cream Fresh Butter Salt 1kg 1ltr 250g To taste HOW TO IMPRESS YOUR DINNER GUESTS The humble mash potato can be ‘Royal’ if given the right amount of care and love. In a pot bring your cream up to a simmer, add your hot potato and mix well. While still mixing add on knobs of butter, stir until gone before adding another knob. Butter for mouth feel, cream for viscosity and salt to bring out the flavour and excite the taste buds. To go next level, truffle oil does that. Or roast garlic and Parmesan or blue cheese or mustard and cheddar, crispy bacon, fresh herbs! The list is endless. Also the Kitchen IQ mash is great because it doesn’t have too much butter so you can use for fish cakes, croquettes etc. Recipe by Justin Rimmer SOUS-VIDE 9