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Sous-Vide Cooked to perfection Serving Suggestion Quality cuts are sealed in oxygen proof bags and slow cooked in their own juices to perfection. REMOVE FROM THE BAG and save the juices to make your own sauce or gravy. Heat, brown, season and garnish to suit your requirements. Melt-in-your-mouth tender and juicy meat, every time! Naturalaz is available in convenient, easy to handle storage packs. Beef Carvery Random weight | 172661 Lamb Carvery Random weight | 172662 Beef Cheek 2/pack Random Weight | 172665 Pork Carvery Random weight | 172663 Chicken Breast Random weight | 172680 Beef Brisket Lamb Shank 2/pack 1kg | Pkt | 172762 Chicken Maryland Random weight | 172802 Random Weight | 172666 Diced Kumara 1kg | Pkt | 87417