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RECIPE / YORKSHIRE PUDDING The classic accompaniment to Roast Beef EASY YORKSHIRE PUDDING for your classic roast beef carvery Serving Suggestion PRODUCT QTY Milk Flour Eggs whole Salt Canola oil 200ml 150g 4 2 pinches 50ml TIP: Hot oven (210ºC), hot metal dish (muffin tins work perfect) oil heated in the dish and then pour on cold batter mix carefully. It’s a reaction between hot and cold which gives its light fluffyness. PRO TIP: Pour batter mix into a squeezy bottle, faster and safer! (An old sauce bottle works well). METHOD Place ‘muffin’ tins into oven, heat oven to 210ºC, once temperature is reached, add 1/4 tsp of oil to each individual muffin mould (for traditional flavour, dripping). In a large bowl place flour and slowly whisk on eggs and milk until smooth, add salt. Pour into a squeezy bottle if you have one, otherwise into a jug. Carefully remove tray from oven and very quickly fill 2/3rds of each mould with batter return quickly to hot oven. Bake in oven for 20-25 minutes until puddings are puffed up and brown. Serve immediately. TIP: Once you’ve made these a few times, jazz up your ‘Yorkies’, add fresh herbs like thyme or oregano, horseradish or seed mustard. My personal favourite is oregano and powdered parmesan. Recipe by Justin Rimmer 12 SOUS-VIDE