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RECIPE / ROASTED KUMARA A super punchy side dish/accompaniment ROASTED KUMARA crispy bacon and basil pesto Serving Suggestion PRODUCT QTY Kumara Sous Vide Olive oil Pomace Bacon diced Onion Red capsicum Garlic crushed Basil Pesto Parsley Salt Black Pepper NYC 500g 100ml 200g 100g 100g 50g 3 Tbsp 25g 5g 5g METHOD Peel and chop vegetables and parsley. In a large frypan or roasting tray, fry off bacon and vegetables in oil then add kumara and salt/pepper. Continue to fry on the stove or place into hot oven 200ºC to heat and brown. Once browned off take off heat and gently mix through pesto and herbs, serve. TIP: Fine grate over some Italian Parmesan on top (666756) Grana Padano. Also makes an awesome soup, chunky with chicken stock (172973) or blend with some cream and drizzle pesto over the top. Actually I’d make extra so you can have crispy kumara with your roasted Sous-Vide meat and soup for lunch the day after! Boom! Happy cooking! Recipe by Justin Rimmer SOUS-VIDE 11