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RECIPE / B.L.A.T A marriage made in heaven B.L.A.T bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato sandwich Serving Suggestion Can be made with any bread, wraps or savoury waffles. An easy family favourite for lunch. METHOD Fry off bacon. Once off the heat, drizzle with maple syrup. Combination of sweetness and saltiness takes it up a level! Cut loaf in half and toast in oven, BBQ or fry pan. Aioli on one half, pesto on the other. PRODUCT QTY Ciabatta loaf (550g makes 4 hearty sandwiches) Bacon streaky Maple syrup Lettuce / rocket / watercress / baby spinach Guacamole or whole avocado smashed Fresh tomato Basil pesto Aioli Salt Pepper 1 Wash lettuce and tomato, prep (remove stalks or slice tomato). 500g 1 tsp 100g Making it in a loaf style then cutting just adds to the presentation, can be done with sliced bread or buns. Build your sandwich. Recipe by Justin Rimmer 100g or 1 whole 2 thinly sliced 2 Tbsp 2 Tbsp To taste To taste YOU HAD ME AT BACON 9