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RECIPE / BAKED BEANS The ultimate bacon baked beans BAKED BEANS with bacon, cheese and herbs TIP: Take your canned baked beans (or spaghetti) to the next level! Also helps extend your baked beans. Serving Suggestion Here is the easiest recipe that most people can make for breakfast or a light meal. PRODUCT QTY Baked beans or spaghetti (your choice) Bacon shoulder rindless (streaky or middle is fine) Five beans mix (or any bean mix) Mild cheese block (any cheddar will do) Onion Garlic Capsicum, leek, carrot or celery Dried mixed herbs or fresh Olive oil (any oil works) Salt Pepper 420g can 300g 400g 100g 1 3 cloves 400g 2 tsp 1 tsp To taste To taste METHOD Chop bacon and all vegetables including garlic (keep all separate). Heat a pot up, add oil and bacon, fry a little then add vegetables / garlic / dried herbs and continue sautéing until bacon is brown and onion is colouring. TIPS: If using fresh herbs don’t add until later. At this point if you want to be fancy, de glaze pot with a splash of wine and reduce until dry. (Red or white, whichever is open). Add baked beans (or spaghetti) and turn heat down. Open the can of mixed beans and wash under cold water for a minute. Add to pot and bring to simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste, grate or chop your cheese and add to pot stirring all the time until melted. Pull off the heat, taste, adjust seasoning if needed, add fresh herbs and serve. Recipe by Justin Rimmer YOU HAD ME AT BACON 7