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BACON WEEK / ALL ABOUT BACON A quick guide to this legendary cured meat Bacon A kiwi family favourite, can be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snack. Great with eggs, French toast, pancakes, waffles or in sandwiches, soups, pastas, etc, the list is endless. Where it comes from Bacon is a type of salt-cured pork. Bacon is prepared from several different cuts of meat, typically from the pork belly or from back cuts, which have less fat than the belly. It is eaten on its own, as a side dish (particularly in breakfasts), or used as a minor ingredient to flavour dishes (e.g., the club sandwich). Bacon is also used for barding and larding roasts, especially game, including venison and pheasant. Bacon or ‘bacoun’ was a Middle English term used to refer to all pork in general. The term bacon comes 2 YOU HAD ME AT BACON from various Germanic and French dialects. It derives from the French bako, Old High German bakko, and Old Teutonic backe, all of which refer to the back. There are breeds of pigs particularly raised for bacon, notably the Yorkshire and Tamworth. The phrase ‘bring home the bacon’ comes from the 12th century when a church in Dunmow, England offered a side of bacon to any man who could swear before God and the congregation that he had not fought or quarreled with his wife for a year and a day. Any man that could ‘bring home the bacon’ was highly respected in his community.