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RECIPE / BACON & EGG PIE A Kiwi classic BACON & EGG PIE simple but tasty TIPS: This is also great for cleaning out the fridge from last nights vegetables or meat. Onion relish can be replaced with tomato, piccadilly or pesto. Serving Suggestion If you would like to make your own pastry, awesome, there are plenty of pastry recipes online. But, this is a simple tasty, quick B&E pie which my and more importantly, your family will love. PRODUCT QTY Bacon shoulder rindless (streaky or middle is fine) Eggs whole (beat 6 add cream, 5 whole, 1 for glaze) Cream Puff pastry (5kg) (normalish size dish 25 – 28cm) Sweet onion relish Leek, white part is best Cheese cheddar (blue or goat, if you fancy) Butter Flour Frozen vegetables defrosted (or last night’s roast vegetables) Fennel seeds (toasted in a fry pan and cracked) Mixed dried herbs or soft fresh (basil, tarragon, thyme) Parsley, fresh, chopped Sea salt flakes Pepper 500g 10 YOU HAD ME AT BACON 12 100ml 400gm 3 Tbsp 100g 150g 100g 50g 200g METHOD Preheat oven to 200ºC. In a clean ‘pie dish’ paint on 50gm of melted butter, then sprinkle flour and shake it to cover the inside of the dish. Discard excess flour. (Chemise a mould or dish with butter and flour evenly or sometimes sugar so the product doesn’t stick). Place your pastry into mould making sure to cover the corners etc lightly fork the pastry and place in the fridge to rest. 5 –10 minutes is fine. Fine dice bacon and leek, fryoff in a pan with 1/2 the butter, not too hot, add fennel seeds and herbs. Don’t brown, just cooked. Sprinkle bacon and leek mix, vege, cheese and relish into the pie dish and distribute evenly. Pour on whisked egg cream mix, then crack the 5 whole eggs into the mix (spread out, not at one end). Place another piece of pastry on top, lightly fork, crimp the edges of the pastry with a fork or thumbs to join the top and bottom pastry together. If you want to decorate with extra pastry pieces, nows the time. Bake for 10 – 15 minutes then turn down to 180ºC once puff pastry has risen, bake for 40 minutes. 1 tsp Brush over last beaten egg, bake for another 5  – 10 minutes until golden or cooked. 2 tsp TIP: Poking with a skewer or knife, if it comes out clean, it’s cooked. 50g To taste To taste Great as a light meal, hot or cold. Happy cooking! Recipe by Justin Rimmer