BHA Careers in Racing brochure 2021 - Page 18

The Scottish Racing Academy

The Scottish Racing Academy ( SRA ) was formed in 2019 to enhance horseracing education and training provision in Scotland and the far north of England . Its vision is to nurture sustainable talent to meet the needs of world class racecourses and trainers .
With lots of training opportunities and different levels of racing the PRA provides the perfect introduction to the world of horse racing. Many children who take part in pony racing have their own pony but we also run fully-funded Academies for children who don’t have access to their own pony. Pony Racing The Pony Racing Authority (PRA) provides opportunities for children aged 9 to 16 years old to experience riding in races. Pony racing aims to simulate horse racing – but on ponies! If you don’t have a pony we run fully-funded schemes nationwide to help you get pony racing. Since it started in 2004, Pony Racing has become one of the country’s fastest growing equestrian sports and now plays a pivotal role in training and developing many talented young riders. Pony Racing isn’t just about going fast. It’s about learning how to be aware, how to balance and work with your pony to succeed. All the skills which lead to success and all round horsemanship. Jockeys like Hollie Doyle, BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award Finalist in 2020 and Rachael Blackmore, the record breaking Irish Jockey who won the 2021 Grand National, all pony raced before starting their career in racing. In Great Britain today, over a quarter of Jockeys with a licence to ride started in Pony Racing. The Pony Racing Authority organise training opportunities up and down the country for children to learn more about the sport and races for them to take part in it. We hold race fixtures across the country as part of Point-to-Point’s and Racecourse meetings. We also work with the Pony Club on providing Training and Qualification for their Pony Club Pony Race Days. For more information on how you or a child you know can get involved in pony racing, please visit