Beyond. Health and Wellness Magazine May 2016 - Page 6

What are essential oils? Extracts from plants Highly concentrated 50 to 70 times more powerful than herbs Wide range of uses Many different health benefits Often the inspiration for pharmaceutical products How to Use EssentialOils Three Ways To A Healthier Life There are three ways to utilize essential oils. Each of the different applications have separate health benefits. AROMATIC -Breathe in or use diffuser -Get benefits from breathing in the oil -Affect mood -Improves breathing -Clean the air -Can diffuse over large area -Safest and all oils can be diffused -Aromatherapy TOPICAL -Apply to feet, hands, or affected areas -Immediate affect -Can be used with massage -Helps a lot with immune system and lymphatics -Enters bloodstream within 30 seconds -Apply to area of concern or use with foot and hand reflexology points INTERNAL -Before taking in any oils internally, make sure that they can safely be taken internally -Detoxifies the body -Can be taken in capsules, water, or as drops or under the tongue -Always make sure that your oil can be taken 6 internally