Beyond. Health and Wellness Magazine May 2016 - Page 4

Essential Oil Edition From the Desk of the Editor Dr. Meaghan Kirschling This month should be full of great information for everyone. We are going to focus on essential oils and the various health benefits. Whether you are just learning about essential oils and aromatherapy or an expert, this month should have a lot of great information. The popularity of essential oils has increased drastically throughout the past few years. They have become more mainstream and now are found in a vast majority of people's medicine cabinets. That is why I love that we will be spreading more information during this month. As most of you know, BTBHA is based out of Minneapolis. So we have mourned with the world with the recent loss of Prince. I know his passing has touched people differently, but I do want to touch on the fact that he inspired and united us all through music and entertainment. This is something that speaks to us because it is all about passion and community. We are not on the journey alone and Prince reminded us that we are all connected, should not be afraid to embrace our differences, and all have a message that needs to be heard (and sometimes even sung). Be Kind to Others, Take Care of Yourself, and Make Good Choices 4