Better Health, Better Learning Report - July 2017 SCORE Better Health Better Learning Report_July 20 - Page 3

Youth health indicators show Tennessee students are at greater risk of chronic illness, obesity, and other health problems that, in turn, negatively affect their prospects for success in school. Partnerships across sectors including education, public health, and economic and workforce development hold promise to improve the overall well- being and academic achievement of Tennessee’s young people. The State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE), in partnership with NashvilleHealth, began in 2016 an initiative to broaden awareness of the connections between health and student achievement in Tennessee, as well as to deepen understanding across both the education and public health communities. With support from NashvilleHealth, SCORE has reviewed state and national research and data on student health and academic achievement. This research brief is a resource to inform a common conversation about how to better meet the needs of students in Tennessee schools and ensure they are healthy and ready to learn. KEY FINDINGS: Physical activity, nutrition, and overall well-being can have a profound effect on student achievement. High-quality education and academic achievement are associated with improved health outcomes later in life. Mental and emotional health are critical for student success. Investing in student health leads to short- and long-term economic benefits. 2