Best Buy Canada Marketplace: A How-To Guide for Retailers Best Buy How To Guide | Page 2

What You’ll Learn in This Guide This guide will provide growing SMBs with a road map to the Best Buy Marketplace in Canada. Although this channel targets the Canadian omni-channel consumer, it is being quickly adopted by inter- national businesses. This guide will present a comprehensive picture of Best Buy at a high level, including Best Buy’s history, the launch of the Best Buy Marketplace, strategic advantages for sellers, best practices and more. By the end of this guide, you will have an understanding of what your next steps are in incorporating into your existing omni-channel mix. Takeaways: • Self-assess your business’ fit for the Best Buy Marketplace model • Leverage the Best Buy marketplace to your business’ best advan- tage for maximum brand awareness and sales • Keep your business scalable and agile to change after adopting Best Buy’s Marketplace as a sales channel • Incorporate the right data integration strategy for your business and to take maximum advantage of the unique features of the Best Buy Marketplace, including in-store pickups and returns 2