BELLE VM AUGUST 2014 - Page 13

Dog Shower Stall

Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer

I have often dreamt of owning a shower with multiple nozzles — the kind of shower that's more like a spa massage. Unfortunately, that kind of bliss is wasted on a dog that hates bath time. Nonetheless, if you have the means your pooch can be tortured in a luxurious way with this canine shower stall. It features 16 water-jet nozzles and a handheld, adjustable-flow showerhead inside an enclosed space. $1,250

Pet Peek

Image courtesy Pet Peek

There's a whole world outside the backyard fence for curious pets to explore. Like their human counterparts, these journeys must be undertaken with caution. The Pet Peek is basically an acrylic dome that's similar to a submarine porthole. Just cut a hole in your fence, install the dome and your pet will be ready for adventure. $29.98

Cats Attack Scratching Post

Image courtest Nerd Approved

If your cat seems cold and indifferent, that's because it secretly wants to destroy you. In fact, it probably dreams of destroying all humans Godzilla-style. Perhaps you should try and diffuse the rage before it bubbles over with this Cats Attack scratching post. As you can see, it's shaped like a series of buildings, so Fluffy can live out his destructive fantasies. $30