BELLE VM AUGUST 2014 | Page 12



Just place the bark-sensor collar around your pup’s neck, then grab the wireless controller and the BowLingual Voice will speak on your dog’s behalf. Unfortunately, the Bowlingual Voice only speaks as a Japanese lady at this point – which means that you’ll still have no idea what Scraps is saying unless you have a Japanese-to-English translator. What we really need is a Dog-to-Japanese-to-English translator.

Automatic Self Cleaning Robot Litter Box

Nobody likes cleaning out a litter box, and that's where owning a Litter-Robot really pays off. Once your cat exits, the Litter-Robot completes a seven-minute countdown before automatically rotating the sphere and sifting out clumps from the litter inside. The waste is then deposited in a collection bin that can be removed and easily emptied. Think of it like the Death Star with your cat playing the role of Luke. The cat flies in and deposits ordnance into a small hole. Then, all of a sudden, the whole problem disappears. $349

Coffee Table Cat Hammock

Image courtesy Nerd Approved

Let's face it, you can't set your drink down on a cat. However, you can set your drink down on a coffee table with a cat. More specifically, a coffee table with an integrated cat hammock. There's no doubt about it, cats have quite a racket going on. $2,400