BELLE VM AUGUST 2014 | Page 29



JUN 21 - JUL 22

This week You take great pride in your pet, and the kudos are well deserved. The details of a pet situation frustrate you on Tuesday and Wednesday, but where there's a will, there's a way. Stick to your convictions when dealing with people who don't share your pet opinions at week's end. A group vote on a pet issue on Thursday through Saturday could leave you feeling outnumbered. The outcome just means you have to push a little harder for what you want. Also You might have to bite your tongue, but it's best to keep your pet opinions to yourself. You're in a position to help another pet lover on Tuesday and Wednesday, but be sure to ask if they want your help first. People are more difficult to deal with than animals at the end of the week, so it wouldn't be surprising for you to decline invitations so you could stay home with your animal pal, especially between Thursday and Saturday.


JUL 23 - AUG 22

That pampered pet that rules the roost is surely a Leo. And yet these animals manage to throw their weight around in the most charming way. No doubt spoiled rotten, the Leo pet wouldn't imagine living any other way, and as a result can be quite lazy.Their favorite meals are only a start: This pet will expect to be washed and groomed regularly and to be the focus of the family's attention at all times. Are you up to the task? Your reward for this will be kitty's undying love, and the Leo pet does understand loyalty -- as long as they get what they want. The Leo pet will be popular with the family, neighbors, and other animals in the neighborhood, as these animals have a penchant for being the center of attention. Loyal in every way, they are good companions and guard dogs. Keep them winning ribbons and pictures on your walls for proof of their accomplishments. Make sure they are included in all social events that make them the center of attention. They are quite comfortable lying around soaking up the sunshine - give them plenty of time to do so. They need to be an integral part of a family where they are given the respect they deserves


AUG 23 - SEP 22

This week You deal well with sudden changes to plans , but your pet may not. Make sure they have everything they need to be comfortable if you go someplace new. Someone might not be who they appear to be on Tuesday and Wednesday, so if you take your pet to a new vet or trainer, be sure to check their credentials. You connect with animals easily from Thursday through Saturday. If you have a stubborn pet, these are good days for a breakthrough. Also this week Someone's jealous of your pet's affection for you on Monday. Keep a watchful eye on anyone who acts suspiciously. If you get a chance to reconnect with someone you haven't seen in a long time on either Tuesday or Wednesday, take it. You'll have a lot of fun catching up on old pet memories. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are great days to put yourself in a position of authority with your pet. If they didn't listen to you before, they will now.


DEC 21 - JAN 19

This week Travel plans are likely to include your pet . Pack everything you think you'll possibly need. You might not be able to get your favorite brands once you arrive at your destination. A strange pet owner has you scratching your head over a comment, but the best thing to do is ignore the person. Let your pet tag along wherever you go on the weekends. He or she is good company. They are very methodical in their approach to things. They are social climbers and will not stay at the bottom of the pecking order for long. If you have something they want they will be your best friend. Soon they become the leader and everyone looks to them for approval or extra cookies; they always have a hidden stash. They don't care what gets changed in the process, they want to be number one. Not always affectionate, often seeming stand-offish unless approached.


JAN 20 - FEB 18

This week Try your new techniques on the pet of your choice, preferably in front of an audience! You can dream about change on the weekends, but nothing is going to happen unless you take the first step.For your Dog They can actually talk and have their own communication system. They love socializing and can be brought anywhere that meeting with other animals is the objective. Highly intelligent, they would find rescue work a rewarding activity. Visits to nursing homes would make them feel helpful. Their high energy needs to be channeled through exercise to eliminate stress. Agility, hunting and sporting activities enjoyed. They love to run and chase frisbees and birds. Curiosity killed the cat is a message for Aquarius cats, who are far wiser than any human can imagine but sometimes too wise for their own good. You may need to rescue them from themselves. Don't let this stop you from adopting an Aquarius cat - they are usually the life of the party and try to please all that attend.


FEB 19 - MAR 20

This week Monday is a day for flexibility. Being uptight around other pet owners won't have the effect you want. A new pet project takes off on Tuesday or Wednesday, but don't be too discouraged if you don't get to be the leader. Your input is just as important as any individual contributor. Although Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are impulsive days for you, it's important to resist the urge to add another pet to your household, especially if there are people with allergies to consider. Also Have confidence in your training abilities. You and your pet have what it takes to go the distance. You're a little more introverted than usual on Tuesday and Wednesday, but if anyone can bring you out of your shell, your pet can! Your animal pal cheers you up on these days. Your pet's needs might not be met toward the end of the week. It's up to you to make sure he or she has everything, especially between Thursday and Saturday.