Being Magazine - Winter 2015 Winter 2015 | Page 2

Time to Welcome Reflect Hello and welcome to the first issue of Being Magazine! Crusoeden Body Wellness is excited to bring you this Winter edition, especially as Winter can be a powerful time of change and transformation. Outside you’ll see leaves changing colour and falling to the earth, smell fresh cleansing rain and feel the crisp, Winter air against your skin as nature prepares for Spring renewal. Winter means longer nights and more time indoors and is also the perfect season to reflect on and reinvest in our wellbeing – Mind, Body and Spirit. 04 05 Healing Your Hormones Can You Think Yourself Sick? 06 Ayurveda in Winter This could involve incorporating gentle movement into our daily routine or nourishing our bodies with delicious, seasonal wholefoods. Perhaps it’s time to release old thought patterns or confront some of the emotional challenges or blocks we are facing in life. Over the following pages our team will give you some simple tips on how Yoga and Reiki can boost your immunity and share ways you can heal your hormones naturally. There’s a great introduction to Ayurveda and we profile the healing power of crystals. Finally we give you some simple solutions to common winter health and beauty problems in our Winter Wellness Essentials feature. We hope you enjoy this gift from our team to you. 08 Crystal Clear 13 10 Winter Wellness Essentials Let’s Connect Jayne Boyle Accredited Holistic Counsellor and Complementary Therapist Founder – Crusoeden Body Crusoeden Body – Welcome to Wellbeing. @Crusoeden_Body