Behind the Boycott - Page 16

There are many reasons why someone might choose to back BDS : hatred of Israel ; ignorance of the history of the region ; the media image of an Israeli Goliath looming over the Palestinian David ; or the feeling that only such a drastic move can get the peace process back on track . The key flaw of BDS , however , is that it empowers extremists on both sides and weakens moderate forces that seek peace .
Observing BDS , Israelis see that despite their country ’ s peace offers in 2000 and 2008 , despite the withdrawal from Gaza , despite the overwhelming restraint demonstrated by the Israel Defense Forces , Israel , and only Israel , continues to be blamed and punished for the continuing conflict .
At the same time , Palestinian intransigents who have spurned successive peace offers in the hope that Israel will someday disappear , see the first glimmers of their wish fulfilled in the limited successes of BDS . Perceiving that Israel is under pressure , they will encourage other Palestinians to reject peace talks and opt instead for stubborn resistance to compromise . After all , why enter a peace process that will require painful concessions from both sides when BDS pressure may eventually weaken and destroy Israel ?