Behind the Boycott - Page 12

By endorsing the bigoted boycott of Israel , they are simplistically choosing a side in an extremely complex conflict , rendering themselves useless in their ability to affect the situation . Additionally , since the vast majority of Jews ( especially those who are religiously affiliated ) are Zionists committed to Israel ’ s future , any pro-BDS church will find it difficult , if not impossible , to engage in meaningful interfaith work with the organized Jewish community .
There are plenty of Palestinians who don ’ t support BDS . Some reject the boycott for economic reasons , like the 110,000 Palestinians who work in Israel ( in better conditions and for better wages than they would have in the West Bank ).
Some Palestinians are opposed to boycotting Israel for strategic political reasons . “ No , we do not support the boycott of Israel ,” said Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in 2013 while attending the funeral of Nelson Mandela , who famously fought for an end to the South African Apartheid that proponents of a boycott of Israel suggest as their analog . One of Abbas ’ advisors , Majdi Khaldi , went further , explaining , “ We are neighbors with Israel , we have agreements with Israel , we recognize Israel , we are not asking anyone to boycott products of Israel .”