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Spring Grieving Tips for Grieving Families during Springtime
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Spring 2021

Quarterly Grief Newsletter

Program Updates

>> Virtual groups have arrived !!! BeginAgain Groups have returned , and are being held via Cisco WebEX twice a month !
>> Video / Phone telehealth continues to be available for individual and family sessions ! Please call your local BeginAgain Counselor to set up your next appointment . Contact info listed below .
>> Stay Tuned for another art event with The HUB on Canal this summer !

Spring Grieving Tips for Grieving Families during Springtime

During the winter , it ’ s much easier to stay inside , avoid loved ones , and skip out on social gatherings . However , once the weather warms up , feelings of sadness and grief can deepen as those around you are happier , more active , and excited to enjoy all spring has to offer . This pain may intensify as each new season brings new memories of the person who has died , along with the realization that you can no longer share experiences together . It is normal to experience heightened grief in spring because spring can feel like pressure . Pressure to be present and live life in spite of how you are feeling on the inside . Pressure to feel a semblance of normal . Pressure to believe in the possibility of new . Although warmer , sunnier months can be nurturing and inspire hopefulness , grief does not suddenly go away just because seasons change .
In spring there is revival and renewal in nature as flowers and trees bloom and everything turns green again , and people quickly begin to flock to their favorite warmweather activities . Try to take time to sit down and make some plans that can nurture you and help you cope with your losses and grief . Warmer months offer other opportunities for nurturing activities such as walking in nature , planting gardens , outdoor family gatherings , picnics , and many other things . When you are outside , take a moment to inhale and then to exhale . To be in control of the one moment you have control over . Give yourself permission to experience the warmth of spring on your face and in your heart . Below are some grief soothing spring activities .
Get Moving : Nature can be one of the greatest comforts . Taking walks can provide a quiet time out to collect your thoughts , savor the scenery , and exercise .
Gardening : Getting your hands dirty in the earth can be therapeutic . Consider planting a tree or an annual plant in honor of your loved one .
Swinging : The rhythm of swinging can be soothing and relaxing , even for adults . Try adding a swing to your patio or visit one of the many local parks with swings