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There are many individuals and organizations who have helped bring Bristol Bay Online ! to life . To all of them ,

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AlexAnna Salmon with her daughter Addi in Igyaraq (Igiugig), Alaska. “I equate knowledge of place names as an equivalent marker as monuments and such of the Western world. In our world—that didn’t horde materialistic items to pass down for millennia, that didn’t build shrines to memorialize special places; that didn’t leave a footprint—it is our name that reminds us of why a place is special. As I travel by foot, boat, plane, four-wheeler through or over my homelands. I repeat the names of these places as a way to remind me of the rich heritage I come from, a way to remember my grandmother and her teachings, and a reminder to gift this information to our future generations. Before Bristol Bay was developed by the BBNC Land Department in collaboration with: MARIAH OXFORD original concept, writing BBNC COMMUNICATIONS - CARMELL ENGEBRETSON - MARISSA ELKINS layout, editing And may they continue the tradition of naming in our way as they have their own lived experience in a place we have lived for thousands of years!” - AlexAnna Salmon 32 | © 2022 Bristol Bay Native Corporation Anchorage, Alaska