Before Bristol Bay Book - Page 32

Beginning in 2003 , several groups and individuals came together to begin the important work of collecting Native place names in Bristol Bay .

Momentum built over the years . Place names from different communities , representing different languages , were collected : from villages in the Nushagak River and Iliamna Lake watersheds to the Chigniks .

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Top left:Alice Downey, Donna Kearns, and Eileen Griggs. Middle left: Palescovia Johnson. Bottom left: Wass Chunak and Nick Gumlickpuk. You can help preserve these names and add to our collective efforts. Get in touch with the BBNC Land Department or Education Foundation for information about small grants, or tips and tools for Elder interviews. The wisdom of the land is still there. It’s been there since before Bristol Bay was named Bristol Bay. And it’s waiting for you. 30 | Hjalmar Olson and Gust Bartman. | 31