Before Bristol Bay Book - Page 13

Throughout Alaska , there is a movement to document Native place names — to preserve our rich history and heritage .

In some cases , Native place names are officially reclaimed and used .

The highest mountain in North America was known as Mount McKinley for more than a century . Its place name was reclaimed in 2015 . Future generations will know it on maps and in common reference by its Koyukon Athabaskan name : Denali , the Great One .

The people of Utqiagvik , the northernmost city in the United States , reclaimed the name of their community in 2016 . For more than a century , it had been known as Barrow . Now Alaskans know Utqiagvik for its original Iñupiaq name , which references a place for gathering roots . Imagine how important this place name was for generations of Iñupiat living in the harsh conditions north of the Arctic Circle .

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