It is viewed as a stepping stone to full semicha ... Indeed , the two are already paskening she ’ eilos .

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Kollel Fellows Receive

Heter Hora ’ ah

Rav Levi Simsovits
Rav Avi Lauterbach

The raison d ’ être of Kollel Tirtza Devora is Torah Lishmah . Ever since its establishment in the spring of 2005 , the Kollel has empowered its avreichim — primarily alumni of the Yeshiva — to learn and thrive in the main beis hamedrash , continuing on their life ’ s path of becoming bona fide talmidei chachamim while serving as role models for the entire Yeshiva and greater community .

The choice of limudim in the Kollel is diverse . As of this writing , there are chaburos devoted to perakim in the Yeshiva mesechta of this zman , Bava Basra ; to Hilchos Muktzeh ; and to Gemara Chullin .
The halacha track at Kollel Tirtza Devorah has always been a robust one , and two avreichim used those studies as a catalyst to further broaden and intensify their learning , which recently culminated in a unique achievement . Rav Avi Lauterbach and Rav Levi Simsovits were endowed with a Heter Hora ’ ah by Rav Shaul Yechezkel Schwartz , a leading member of the famed Karlsburg Beis Din and the Debreciner Dayan of Brooklyn . They also were privileged to receive shimush under Rav Yechiel Michel Steinmetz , the Skverer Dayan of Borough Park .
This Heter Hora ’ ah — in the halachos of Taharas Hamishpacha — authorizes Rabbis Lauterbach and Simsovits to pasken in these areas and is viewed as a potential steppingstone to full semicha ( ordination ). Indeed , the two are already paskening she ’ eilos for individuals and Rav Simsovits serves as the mara d ’ asra of a summer camp in the Catskills .
Rav Lauterbach and Rav Simsovits are among thirty full-time avreichim currently at the Kollel , in addition to forty rabbeim and scholars who comprise the afternoon Kollel Mechanchim . The Kollel has been led since its founding by Rav Dovid Bender , who himself also serves as a posek for the Kollel , the Yeshiva , and families and individuals in the wider community .
Rabbis Lauterbach and Simsovits join Rav Yechiel Bloom and Rav Yisrael Moshen , Kollel fellows who previously obtained Heter Hora ’ ah in various fields of Halacha from the poskim of Beth Medrash Govoha .