The Rosh HaYeshiva visiting the tenth grade shiur of Rav Shimon Dov Notis . Every week , the Rosh HaYeshiva visits each class in grades six through twelve and returns the newest test papers to each bachur . In this way he stays abreast of the talmidim ’ s progress and can offer verbal encouragement in generous doses .
Third grader Levi Jeger , at the siyum he made lizeicher nishmas his brother a ” h , stands with his rebbi , Rav Shlomo Freedman , and menahel , Rav Avrohom Bender .

Simplifying a Complex Challenge for the Parent Body




1are many reputable filters . ( Social media



Every device must be filtered .
Every internet-capable device in the home — from computers to phones to tablets — must have a strong filter . There
is not kosher .)
Steps to Healthy Technology Use in the Jewish Home
A child should not have his own email address . And a child should not own any phone .
Limit screen time .
Enforce strict time limits on the use of digital devices . [ The full extent of longterm health and cognitive damage due to screen use has yet to be determined by the medical / scientific community .]


Devices should be used only in ‘ public ’ areas of the home ,


where others can easily see what is happening on-screen . Monitoring software , such as WebChaver , is highly recommended .
Limit gaming .
NO violent games . NO games or consoles that allow multiple players to play remotely . Time limits should be enforced on all games .
Dear Parents : These are our minimum guidelines . Let us work together to raise our children in an environment that is suffused with Torah , kedusha , and positivity and shielded from the digital dangers of our era . With siyata diShmaya the next generation will grow to be the pride and joy of Klal Yisrael .
v " g ivfv ksbn ktrah ' r , c krhm b " gk
Many kosher devices are available .
These include , among others : talkonly or talk-and-text phones ; kosher smartphones with a library of useful apps ; and the Naki Radio .
Apple phones and devices come with built-in controls

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( restrictions ) which allow you to ‘ whitelist ’ specific websites , set time limits , and even determine who can be called and when . [ The App Store and iTunes should be disabled .] Android does not feature these controls .

8parents , each with knowledge of half


Replace device use with healthy alternatives .


Passwords for filters and restrictions should not be shared with children and should ideally be held by a third party — or require both
the code , to unlock them .
Furnish your home with kosher books and magazines , board games , bicycles , non-digital toys , and arts-and-crafts .
Role model !
Parents should model the healthy use of technology . Put the device away when you come home . Don ’ t text and drive . Don ’ t text and daven . Be technology ’ s master , not its slave . Children do as we do , not as we say .
The challenges posed by the dizzying advances in technology – with myriad distractions and dangers in the palms of our hands – vex parents and mechanchim alike . To empower parents with a basic outline of tips and the Yeshiva ’ s expectations in this area , the ‘ Tenology ’ project was unveiled , consisting of ten pieces of advice , written in clear , concise language and designed in a graphically pleasing manner .
To adapt this project for your yeshiva or Bais Yaakov , please email news @ darchei . org .

Full of Energy

Sixth Grade students of Mrs . Nussbaum with the miniature catapults they created as part of their science and engineering class .