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2017 LOOKS SET TO SHINE This year we can report that the outlook for 2017 is overwhelmingly positive. Confidence levels are at their highest since our report began in 2012, with two thirds of professionals more optimistic now than a year ago. This positivity follows a successful 2016, which a huge 86% of you felt was a good year for the industry. Last year hair and beauty businesses saw an increase in the number of customers coming through their doors and 40% enjoyed a boost in turnover. WHAT ABOUT BREXIT? CELEBRATING SUCCESS The optimism being felt across the industry has led to many exciting developments. Overall, salons are showing a strong intention to increase headcount, which should lead to the creation of thousands of new job opportunities. Freelance/mobile workers, on the other hand, have been focusing on tapping into customer desires for a more personal approach and competitive prices look set to pay dividends. Barbers have registered the highest levels of confidence within our sector, outlining the levels of positivity we are seeing all round. Spend on products after a treatment has also increased, creating the perfect opportunity to boost business’ bottom lines. AN ATTRACTIVE CAREER CHOICE We’re proud to be a part of an industry that is famous for its dedicated and creative professionals. And, like us, you’re excited about the future: 78% of you anticipate staying in the hair and beauty sector for life. The UKs decision to leave the EU has left many businesses across the UK uncertain about its impact on the hair and beauty industry. Despite some gloomy newspaper headlines, more than 90% of industry professionals told us that Brexit has yet to have an impact on their business. Staying informed during this period of change remains important however, as around a fifth have still voiced concerns about how it might affect them in the future. SPEND IS ON THE UP 78% 86% 64% of industry professionals choose hair & beauty for life 4 Whilst prices have risen, this has done little to deter customers from indulging in their favourite treatments. As a result, the annual average spend on a basket of treatments has continued to rise year on year, now up by £118 for women and £68 for men. felt 2016 was a good year are more optimistic than in 2016 5