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The number of entry level employees in the hair , beauty and barbering industry are also set to increase . Well over half of you ( 58 %) are looking to take on at least one apprentice over the next 12 months ( some 57 % of salons and 64 % of barbers in our survey ), up from 43 % in 2016 . This could create a huge 31,188 * new hair and beauty apprenticeship positions ; 8,000 more than last year .
But while our industry remains one of the best for apprentices , there are still hurdles to overcome . Professionals told us that their main reason for not employing an apprentice was that it is simply not their policy . A fifth identified budget restrictions as the main hurdle , while 8 % said actually finding one has proved challenging .
“ Apprentices are so important for the industry and it ’ s wonderful to watch them grow and develop . However , it is important that we put the effort in to get the very best results – from training and allowing them to get hands on experience , to ensuring that they are paid a fair wage .”
These results show that there are plenty of opportunities for businesses within the industry to grow and nurture the new talent entering the workforce , provided the existing obstacles are addressed .


apprenticeships in 2016


apprenticeships expected in 2017
“ Being able to learn in a working environment , supported by people who are passionate and experienced is a fantastic opportunity to kick start your career . I can ’ t imagine a better way to be training than in a job I love .”
* Numbers based on Beautiful Britain findings and latest HABIA data for salon numbers
BRITISH BARBERING NATIONAL HAIR & BEAUTY PRICES ON THE RISE This year, we’ve found that treatment prices across the board are higher than they were in 2016. This has pushed the cost of treatments closer to the peak prices we found back in 2012, when we launched our first Beautiful Britain report. TANNING PRICING ANNUAL SPEND MALE GROOMING In 2016, the annual amount women spent on an average basket of treatments was near the thousand pound mark, coming in at £994 – up 12% from last year. The equivalent men’s basket was also up 9% taking it to £779. Not only are men opting to indulge in treatments and services more regularly than they were a few years ago, they’re also prepared to pay more. The cost of a male manicure or pedicure is the highest it has been since 2012, at £21. The average cost of a male facial, at £33, is also the highest we’ve seen. HAIRCUT AND COLOUR PRICING DEVELOPING NEW TALENT It looks as if there’s plenty of fresh talent to be found in barbershops, with the average age of a barber joining the industry identified as 23, and 20% of new barbers starting between the ages 16 and 20. Our findings show that on average, there are two full time employees in the UK’s barbershops and 1.4 part-time workers. This registers as slightly lower than the industry average, however as barbering remains an evolving industry, these numbers are likely to rise in line with growth over the coming years. In terms of qualifications, 78% of barbers feel that these are importa �Bv�V��@�6��W2F���&��r�Wr7Ffb�F�R&V6V�@�V��6�2��&V��r&�RF�6��WfR�@�v�fR&V6�v�F���F���v�7F�F&G2v�F���F�R��GW7G'��V�2F�BF��2f�wW&P�����26WBF���7&V6R��F�RgWGW&R�F�P����V�GV�&V���BG&���r�2�6�Ɩ�Vǐ�F�&RG&�fV�'�F��6R������rF�W��@�F�V�"'&VGF��bW�W'F�6R��BF�fW'6�g���G&VF�V�B�B6W'f�6R�ffW&��w2�v�V��B6��W2F�V�G'��WfV��6�F���2���W7BV'FW"�b&&&W'2&W6V�FǒV�����B�V7B��R&V�F�6R�F�R���&'&�W �( �&&&W&��r�2&V6�֖�r��7&V6��vǒ�V�"2&�fW76�����fR�WfW �6VV�7V6��VvRFV��Bf�"6�W'6W2�B&V�F�6W6��2��F�R��GW7G'��&&&W'2F�W&Vf�&R�fR�VvR&W7��6�&�ƗG�F�F�R��&V�F�6W2v��vWBF�R&�v�BG&���r�B&RG&VFVBf�&ǒ�( ФԔ�RD��� �D�Ru$TB%$�D�4�$$$U$��r4DTՐ�f�"#R�bF��6Rv��F��( �BV�����&V�F�6W2�2'VFvWB�v���R�R6�@�F�W�7G'Vvv�RF�f��BF�R&�v�BW'6���F�W&R�2�V�G��b�FV�F����F�R�VƖ�P���vWfW"�v�F�Gv�F��&G2�b&&&W&��p�&�fW76����2����rF���&RB�V7B��P�&V�F�6R�fW"F�R�W�B�V"�F�R&�6R�bv��V�( �2F���rG&VF�V�G0��2��r�W7B��R�V�B�W72F��F�P����F��R��v��b *3���#"�gFW"F�&VP�7FVG��V'2B *3b�FW7�FRF�W6R��7&V6W2�6��R�F���0�f�"��R7W7F��W'26��F��VRF�&Vf�V7BF�R6��WF�F�fR&�6��r�bF�P��&�WB�'F�7V�&ǒf�"��&RF��F�ЦF�G&VF�V�G2Ɩ�R��&7WG2�B�� �6���W&��r���&7WG2&R7F��� *3R��vW"f� ��V�F��F�W�vW&R6���V'2v��v���P���"6���W&��r�2 *3"��vW"F���Bv0���#"आ�&7WG2f�"v��V�6�7B�fW&vR�`�*3#r�F�V�"��v�W7B&�6R6��6R#"�F�P�fW&vR6�7B�b�V�( �2��&7WB�2�6�W *32g&���7B�V"�F���rF�V�F�*3B�&�F�F�W6R&�6W2�fR&�6V�g&�ЧF�R&V6�&B��w2�b *3#2�B *3F�BvP�V�6�fW&VB���7B�V.( �2&W�'B��� �6���W&��rf�"v��V��2�6�v��RW�'� *3B�fW"F�R�7B"���F�2�4�5B�bdT��RE$TD�T�E0���&7WB�� �6���W"F���r��"&R��f���7W&P�#R *3#R *33R *3b *3B *3p�#b *3#2 *33r *3b *3b *3p�#r *3#r *3C *3� *3r *3��dT��R$4�UB�bE$TD�T�E0�#R *3�s`�#b *3��@�"P��*3����5$T4P�4�5B�b��RE$TD�T�E0���&7WB�� �6���W"f6���76vR�� �&V��f���7W&R�VF�7W&P�#R *32 *3#B *3#b *3#r *3� *3��#b *3 *3#B *3#r *3#� *3� *3��#r *3B *3#b *332 *332 *3� *3#���R$4�UB�bE$TD�T�E0�#R *3s�#b *3ss���P��*3c����5$T4P�