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YOUR VOICE The Beautiful Britain Report is inspired by the creativity, commitment and endless hard work of everyone who works in hair, beauty and barbering. We wanted to know what makes you so passionate about our industry. This is what you told us… “It’s the best job and I still love it after being in the industry for over 30 years” “ It is just so wonderful how much confidence you can give someone by doing their hair: to me it is a work of art ” “Growing new talent” “Having a new challenge every day. Being able to have a laugh with customers and colleagues.” “Everything about hair is my hobby, my interest, my job and my lifestyle – it’s fun, not work!” 30 “I love the art side of nails, the chance to be inventive and creative.” “Promoting health and wellbeing” “Getting to know your clients personally as if they are family” “I love that there are always new treatments and products available, new companies emerging and that it is a booming industry” “I love working with new people and updating skills, I like to keep track of new trends within the beauty industry” 31