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REGIONAL STATS NORTH EAST SOUTH WEST M most frequent tanning sessions at once every M Most expensive hair removal at £24 per treatment F Women in the South West spend an average of £11 on F 4.3 weeks Most frequent hair removal treatments at one every 4 weeks YORKSHIRE M Most expensive shave treatments at £17 each F Women in Yorkshire indulge most frequently in products after a treatment WALES MF Cheapest region for both women’s and men’s haircuts at £20 M manicures, with one every 3 weeks and £9 respectively Men in Wales have the most frequent hair removal treatments at once every 4.8 weeks. EAST MIDLANDS WEST MIDLANDS M Cheapest shave treatments at £8.50 F Balayage is set to be the biggest hair trend for M Biggest growth in male customers with 64% of salons women in the East Midlands EAST M Indulge in a massage most frequently, at an average of F once every 4.4 weeks Least freq