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Beautiful Britain Mission Beautiful Britain is our annual report on the UK’s professional hair, beauty and barbering industry. Each year, thousands of industry professionals take part in our study, sharing insight on everything from business performance and customer loyalty, to emerging trends and treatment price changes. Their responses are at the heart of creating our final report. Above all else, Beautiful Britain is part of our commitment to supporting our incredible industry. It offers an insight into how hair, beauty and barber professionals think and feel about the sector they work in as it stands today. Whether you work in a salon, barber shop or are a freelance professional, the great news is that 2017 promises huge potential. In fact, when reviewing our findings from the past 5 years, we found that business confidence has now reached an all-time high: 64% of professionals are now more confident about the future than they were 12 months ago. This positivity has been driven by a successful 2016, which the vast majority of you felt was a good period for your business versus previous years. An increase in both customer visits and customer spend have been revealed as key drivers to this success, with an impressive number of you seeing a rise in turnover. Favourable as last year was, the competitive spirit of our industry continues to bring its challenges. Our report shows that a rise in deal sites and special offers remain a real concern, and achieving customer loyalty is still far from easy. With that said, our findings also reveal that you’re responding to these challenges with determination and creativity. Whether it’s by diversifying your treatment offerings, investing in new equipment or tapping into the male grooming market, there is no shortage of innovation in our industry, and I’m confident that it can be applied to create opportunities for the year ahead. Regardless of what 2017 brings, the Sally team are here to support, advise and inspire you every step of the way. I am very proud to be part of this incredible industry, and hope that this year’s report helps you to build a successful future for you and your business. Warren Scarr MANAGING DIRECTOR SALLY SALON SERVICES UK & IRELAND £7bn 40,000+ TOP 10 500,000 Our ambition is to share this knowledge, helping everyone working in this industry to grow their business, succeed in their careers and feel inspired for their future. THE VALUE OF THE UK’S HAIRDRESSING, BARBERING AND BEAUTY INDUSTRY HAIRDRESSING, BARBERING AND BEAUTY BUSINESSES IN THE UK HAIRDRESSING, BARBERING AND BEAUTY ARE ALL IN THE TOP 10 MOST POPULAR INDEPENDENT STARTUPS ESTIMATED FREELANCE PROFESSIONALS IN THE UK & RISING* 2 *Estimate informed by Sally Salon Services database and market share. 3