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BRITISH BARBERING BARBERING IS BOOMING In recent years, the UKs barbering industry has witnessed a surge in popularity, and our 2017 report can confirm that it’s showing no signs of stopping. The rise in barbershops has brought increasing levels of confidence to those working in the industry. Just under three quarters (73%) of barbering professionals have reported higher levels of optimism compared to a year ago. A huge 89% also told us that 2016 was a positive year for business, representing one of the highest results across the hair and beauty industry as a whole. BRITISH BARBERING “We’ve seen a definite increase in how frequently men are visiting barbershops, and have noticed a rise in vintage and nineties looks, which are a little dryer and less slick, trending recently. Alongside the traditional shaves and cuts, there’s also been a rise in interest in additional treatments, particularly barber face packs.” MIKE TAYLOR, THE GREAT BRITISH BARBERING ACADEMY PRICING AND FREQUENCY INCREASES cut costs just £9. The beard trim was found to be the cheapest treatment, costing an average of £5. Since 2014, treatment and service prices have risen, and the UK’s men have also upped the regularity of their visits to all hair and beauty businesses. In the past year alone, there’s been a 9% increase in the amount of money men spend each year on haircuts, shaves and hair removal. This has risen from £711 to £779. When it comes to visit frequency, barbershop customers leave less time between haircuts compared to the industry average, from just 2.9 weeks for a clipper cut to 3.5 weeks for a wash, cut and fin ish. Across the hair, beauty and barbering industry as a whole, the average cost for a men’s haircut is £14, while the average price for a shave is around £13. Men have been found to leave around 4 weeks and 3.6 weeks, respectively, between these treatments. Our findings also indicate that as it stands, the most expensive treatments average at £14 for a wash cut and finish, cut throat shave or a hot towel shave. A wet shave comes in at £12, and a clipper 16 ADDED EXTRAS IN STORE AT BARBERSHOPS Barbershops are now offering more than just traditional services like shaves and haircuts. The increasing demand for male treatments has opened up some lucrative opportunities to diversify, and many barbers are now reaping the benefits of offering additional services to their discerning male customers; 38% of you offer eyebrow shaping, 23% offer facials, 22% offer facial waxing and 20% even offer massage. From a business standpoint, our findings show that two in five barbers have seen an increase in business turnover over the past year, and more than a third (34%) now have an annual turnover of more than £25,000 a year. KEY GROWTH PRIORITIES Many barbers are investing for the future, with equipment ranking as the biggest focus, followed by resourcing new services to meet the increasing demand for male grooming treatments. In addition, 87% of you are putting time and money into social media to showcase your business and its work. AVERAGE UK BARBER FREQUENCY FREQUENCY (WEEKS) A STRONG GROWTH TRAJECTORY 2017 Wash, cut and finish 3.5 Beard trim 2.8 Wet shave 3 Re-style 5.8 Cut throat shave 2.5 Clipper cut 2.8 Dry cut 3.5 Hot towel shave 3.1 Wet cut 3.5 There are also product conversion opportunities out there yet to be fully capitalised on. On average, men spend £8.80 on products after a visit to their barber. With more men looking to establish their grooming regime at home, based on expert advice, upselling presents a chance for barbers to add value to their service, as well as boost their bottom lines. Our report also finds that fewer men (8.2%) are willing to buy their hair and beauty products online compared to women (18.2%), emphasising the strong opportunity barbers have to provide their clients with the right products while they’re in the chair. COMPETITION REMAINS FIERCE Barbers are building in confidence, with 58% seeing more customers come through their doors. However customer loyalty remains highly sought after, and competition remains a key challenge to consider in 2017. Customer loyalty has been revealed as the biggest obstacle for many barbers, as almost half (47%) finding it harder to come by than it was a year ago. When it comes to the competition, barbers have identified their biggest threat as being other businesses, with 64% finding competition from other businesses has increased over the past year, which is almost 20% higher than the industry average. Two thirds also worry about direct competitors, whilst a third are specifically concerned about the competition coming from bigger chains. With high levels of competition looking set to feature strongly in 2017, staying ahead of the curve has never been more important. When it comes to achieving client loyalty, our findings show that men continue to prioritise value for money above all else, although the relationship they have with their barber follows as a close second. Staying one step ahead by tailoring your offers for your customers, and harnessing the influence of social media to promote these offers, could pay dividends for your business. Whilst our findings show that barbers are investing in social media for their business, almost half (49%) are still not using key platforms such as Instagram to do so. This highlights a clear opportunity for those looking to build business reputation and awareness, as well as cement a stronger relationship with clientele. “The barbering industry continues to go from strength to strength as more men take better care of themselves. Haircuts, beard trims and shaves are now an essential part of men’s regular regimes, but they are also buying more products to take care of themselves at home – creating a growing opportunity for barbers who play their cards right.” NICK GIBBENS MARKETING AND PR MANAGER THE BLUEBEARDS REVENGE AVERAGE UK BARBER PRICES IN £ BARBER PRICES 2017 Wash, cut and finish 13.70 Beard trim 5.00 Wet shave 12.30 Re-style 12.50 Cut throat shave 13.80 Clipper cut 9.00 Dry cut 10.20 Hot towel shave 14.10 Wet cut 12.30 17